Final days of walk

I have a few weeks of this walk left, which hasn’t given me the vaseline wipe on the lens or anything, I just realize, hey, may have to get out here and be with the 90 year old Asian ladies doing tai chi, because I’ll have tons of time on my hands after this job ends.

Walked back from the movie last night via Grant Street. 100% of the people I passed were Caucasian, despite being in Chinatown the entire way. I was tempted by the little kids silk outfits, though I really truly detest the long black braid sewn into the hat. I mean, is that awful or what. Nils’ dad has definite opinions about what colors he wears (?) so I think I’ll steer clear of Chinese outfits for Nils. Yes, Nils of “nils eats” blog.

The walk this morning was kind of muggy and overcast. I had layered because of activities after work. I eavesdropped on these guys behind me in the Peets line. Something about how arrogant doctors are:
Man1:”I mean, he says ‘I’m an orthopedic surgeon.’”
Man2:”How arrogant.”
Man1:”Yeah, those doctors. What is that. ‘I’m a doctor.’”
Man2: “They think they know everything. They don’t the world is full of things. you can’t know them all.”


OK I have to write about this- saw Bebe Neuwirth show (thanks Judy!) the other day and talked with friend who is manager for a while in the lobby afterwards. Bumped into some guy as I was leaving, we said our sorrys, headed out. My friend was killing me because I guess we were standing near Bebe and didn’t say anything like “good show” etc. and the guy I bumped into was one of the amazing dancer/actors in the show too. And I think I’m observant???