teetering on the curb

Ah, hangover. The walk to work today would have been brilliant minus the hungover feeling. I was out early, judging by the number and state of ladies in the park (the tai chi clock). They were pinwheeling their arms and doing little knee bends in preparation for the mass exercise.

Last night managed to get to North Point park behind the hostel at Fort Mason, that is a high contender (next to big sur) for favorite spot on earth. Alcatraz was sending out its high wattage lightouse beam, which is really cool to witness. The park was super quiet, and the city was behind us in a kind of glittery blanket (trite cliche but appropriate!). The water was super inky dark blue, and through the cypress trees (black against the sky) creates this kind of stencilled frame. No stars because it was too light out probably, the surrounding city lights and all. You could see Golden Gate bridge too.