30 Stockton

Sat in front of Ricos “where tourists meet the locals” and “english spoken here” signage. It’s a popular bar but I kind of hate it. I mean, what a sellout, and there’s a big sign that posts the most recent military ship to further cater to tourist traffic! Anyways, stood with two locals, an elderly large white woman with lots of flowing scarves and things and a ratty bag, and a young guy with light hair that was gelled straight up.

Young guy & I sat together on one of those “you have to evacuate for elderly or disabled” seats. I would have had a good impression of the young guy but he would not give up his seat when an elderly guy came on the bus a few stops later. I got up, and the young guy… scooted over into my seat! Nice thought but a little off the mark.

Moved to the back and sat with some Spanish speaking tourists, one of whom has a “Starting Something” Michael Jackson song as a ringer. I just have nostalgia for the Off the Wall Michael Jackson. I think that the case was decided right- that the family wasn’t credible, but that doesn’t prove or disprove whether he has a problem with young boys. I just wish that the Off the Wall Michael Jackson, OWMJ, was someone completely different. And I’m doing a good job convincing myself.

I got off at Clay and Stockton in the heart of Chinatown then went straight down into the Financial District. I again contemplated going to China and the eternal quandry: could I ever stomach a Chinese breakfast?? Something essentially cultural in our breakfasts, a sense of trust in breaking the fast, and it’s almost always comfort food. Right now it’s the blueberry cranberry scone and au lait. Made split decision to go to Sweden instead. Outside of work saw a tall black guy going into Yank Sing early, and realized that I appear like him going to China, sticking out. Do I want to stick out? Is it a minor issue that won’t be a big problem, but seems a big problem now?