30 stockton day 3

Overheard, two adolescent Asian boys. “Have you hard Mosh from Eminem?” “Yeah, duh.” “It rocks.” “Yeah?” “It’s like, about Bush.” “Huh.” “Like, AK47s and stuff.” “Dude.” Makes me think, at this rate of acquisition, that Eminem should have released his song years before the actual election, not a few weeks.

They also talked in depth about who was late for class more, and how important it was to take Chinese during the summer. One of them was ragging the other out for not being serious about his Spanish class. Was I this diligent or smart as a 13 year old? One of them seemed to be trying out the word mofo (in its full form) and it just sounded super awkward.

The reason I took the bus this morning is because I am a bad, bad exerciser, and because I was wearing interview clothes and didn’t want to be sweaty, and am a bad exerciser.

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