awkward day

Today is one of those days where I woke up ungodly late, and still (2 hours later) feel really out of it. The sun was super shiny, and it was hot going the entire walk. The little coastal breezes whizzing down through the skyscrapers, even downtown, were a welcome respite from the hot sun. So why did Calzones have its heat lamps on? The wonders of the world.

I completely missed North Beach festival last Sat and Sunday, intentionally, though I got some of the fluff coming down from Russian Hill Saturday around 6 pm at Union and Mason. It was pretty awful. Ridiculously bad driving going on on Columbus, blocks away from the major party. Someday, I told my Mom, I will go to this festival with a diluted water bottle of tequila, no plans or agendas, and a clear map of who lives where and if I can use their bathroom during the day. Because using a portapotty just ruins an otherwise beautiful and nice smelling day.

Ran into a friend on top of Russian Hill Saturday, Tom from Chinese, and that was an interesting perspective on the neighborhood- different choice of restaurants, different idea of good/bad rents. I wrote up a cheat sheet for a friend who just moved into the neighborhood and realized after 6 months I’ve already gotten some haunts.