Summer days

Wearing a t-shirt to work, that is a kind of freedom in general. Flip flops abound. No nylons in sight, all good signs of summer. Lots of roof parties. Wore loud squeaky shoes to work today, and they really are loud. May go out at lunch and invest in some new ones. OK my day is devoid of work and I can’t remember anything noteworthy from the walk so I’m going to share my favorite news items of the morning, like we’re two old guys sitting in a barbershop.

Good article on the big Snapple pop that Sometimes you wish you were somewhere for about 10 minutes, then magically gone (no dirty subway rides or crowd issues). I wish I was there for one of those free icy pops, and seeing the strawberry kiwi slide out into the street.

This guy’s wife kills him. here
My take on this story is how effen dumb is he? He’s going to tell her, “Honey, I have to divorce you because YOURE TRYING TO KILL ME.” Some things need to be acted on, instead of discussed. Just get out, guy. Don’t make the 7:30pm conference call. She’s been researching drugging you on the internet, now it’s time to bail. OK these are the priorities for his day:
1) turn on spy cam on wife
2) check logs from her chats the night before
3) say hi to kids
4) setup conference call
5) divorce her for trying to kill me.

I think I would bump up to step 5 maybe a little earlier.