Sierras, Baltimore

Ah, veering even farther from the initial intention of this blog. Oh well.

The Sierra National Park – for 2 nights, 2 days – super hot in the Sacramento valley (over 100) but beautiful in the park, and a chance to sleep outside in near warmth all night. That’s super fun to do but for some reason everyone thinks it borders on insanity. You get to see the stars above you in all their glory! Wildlife: mule deer buck, with full rack of antlers with the fuzz still on them, a pretty tame bluejay, and lot sof sparrows, robins and such. No black bears, thank god.

Flew into Baltimore for a week stay- it’s ridiculously hot and humid. Once in a while you see something like someone jogging, or guys working near a 500 degree grill in a tiny bbq shack and realize your life is better (and you’re not insane to do that). I’m appreciating the joy of ice in and iced coffee, a soy ice cream treat, A/C, swimming, and lounging hard core. Sign of the times: I am upto date on all the magazines show in any given magazine rack. I dare you to quiz me! Baltimore, where there is a very low body standard, fashion standard, intelligence standard, and… very high lounge and funk standards. On the way to the grocery store we drive by 2 famous black universities. i’ve had the best bbq chicken I think I’ve ever tasted. There are more potholes between us and the grocery store than probably all of the city of San Francisco (well, Newsom is making it a ‘priority’).

I sat next to a high schooler who is a competitive paint ball participant. He was with his “team” which consisted of seven boys of all different physiques. He had a pierced eyebrow. They are sponsored, and fly all around the states in summer. It’s “like capture the flag”. I was at a loss as to what to talk about with paintball guy, but realized later on that I want to play competitive capture the flag, god damn it.