driving like a sane person & blomit

Heading East on 80, the Bay Bridge, I can attest that I am finally not a crazy taxi driver. I drove through downtown on Montgomery and did not cut people off. I did not jockey for position on a single block three times to be slightly ahead of other cars. I did not merge without looking. I drove a sedate pace, knowing that I would get on the bridge at nearly the same time as another person. I did enjoy the downtown lunch scene, fondly nodding to my old haunts. Let this day be the beginning of non-neurotic city driving!

New word: BLOMIT

This is what happens when someone starts a blog, and the very first post is full of minutiae about their life, of no interest, ad nauseum. There are examples but I don’t want to offend. OK, I will because I’m a huge b-word. Compare this nice woman victim of my definition to this one friend who has concise style. Which leads to the discussion of what is interesting, and what is boring. And does knowing someone make everything interesting about them? I like this blog, but I don’t *know* the woman: good blog of someone I don’t know. And then there’s minutiae that’s hilarious, like this site what i ate.com. Also, on the topic of blogs, I was invited to a B-List blog party, which caused hilarity at my family bbq the next day, mostly because the people I knew who were there (minus tharpo) were busily writing… blogs… yes, at a bar, people chatting, some people working on blogs, all of them taking quick photos of each other. The best-blogged event ever, methinks.
(note: blogger thinks blog is a misspelled word.)

Credit to Cliff, who has been the source for most of this talk, has noted that Blomit is used already: a bad definition of blomit compared to mine.