new word: newnessness & ConAir

Almost every sign, it seems, in Chinatown has the word new “xin” (first tone). New dim sum shop, new goods store. new doo-dads shop, new produce store, new medicine shop, you get my drift.

Why the fascination with newness?

I got my FASTRAK. Now I’m a speeding demon on the 15 minute (non-peak) commute from one side of the 5 mile bridge to the other. FASTRAK ROCKS. I’m the newest fan. Took it on its virgin journey this morning, 1am, coming back from Oakland airport. Hilarity ensues… thought that Oakland airport would be all nicey-nicey since it was a small cute boutique airport and let me loiter in my car waiting for friend to arrive. Noooooo turns out I had to do about 7 revolutions around the parking lot. They do have a nice “park and call” area where you can pull in behind the taxis and sit in your car while waiting for your arrival person to call you. The dealio was that I was on my last revolution around the parking lot when I pull up to Terminal 2, and the security guys keep hitting my window and flashing their lights trying to make me move on. My friend jumps in the car and explains that it’s ConAir- 4 big buses are pulling up to move convincts from an arriving flight. Exciting. Anyways, the trip with the FastTrak worked like a dream, “beep beep” the satisfying sounds of the little receiver marking its 3$ bridge toll. I’m a fan!

In other notes, it was super muggy today.