Columbus, Kearny, Golden Gate Perk

Did the ‘new commute’ out to Bush & Kearny. Met up with a scalper at Tully’s in Crocker Galleria, ah, the scene of the crime. Am I the only one who sees their life as a constant Maltese Falcon? I have never gone to Perry’s. There Tharpo, match me there- you can be the foray there. I’ve actually not been to tone of places.

Favorite lunch place, DPD Chinese Restaurant on Pacific (or Jackson?) and Kearny has gone through a super renovation. Wonder if it’s still MSG filled. It really is an awesome cheap place.

I’ve also never been to Chef Jia’s on the same block. House of Nanking, went there ages ago.

Gave some advice to an Asian-American couple on how to tour Chinatown this morning. “Up Commercial street, wind your way back, make sure to go up to Stockton and check out the fresh produce markets.” They seemed really nice.

So Golden Gate Perk has bulgogi. Yep, it’s Korean. I couldn’t figure out how the big plasma screen playign DVDs, house music, and great wireless matched up wtih doilies on the plates, fresh flowers at every table, etc. until the guy working behind the counter- who I think is Jae from his business card– mother came in and started working the counter. Ah-ha! Very cute place. I could be wrong but I think that’s the setup.