Cafe Crisis!

Cafe Crisis!

Woke up late. I have no food at home for breakfast, so I have to go out. I need to write for a few hours before work, so I can’t really do anything off the beaten track. Where can I find a coffee shop with good scones, wireless, and seating? IMPOSSIBLE. I dare you to find one for me, because this is a real crisis.

– the falafel place near my house (where I am currently sitting) has awful easy listening music, no scones, those icky tall glass “mugs” that make your drink cold in 2 seconds flat. Yes, wireless. 2 blocks from house. lots of tourists.

– the other cafe on the corner, may try this one Thursday. Good coffee, potentially good scones, you pay for wireless.

– Peets would be ideal, but they don’t have seating, outlets available, and no wireless. Ferry Building might be an option, but would take 1/2 walking, 10 minutes biking, 15 minutes by bus. Seagulls are a nuisance in the seated areas. Russian Hill is an option but I couldn’t muster the energy to hike over Russian Hill to get to it, and adds on potentially 30-40 minutes walking time one way. Peets downtown has absolutely no seating, but potentialy good wireless (both batter & montgomery).

– Francisco cafe, also 2 blocks from house. Abysmally awful service, bad pastries and so-so coffee, no wireless. You can jump on a neighbor’s but it’s a weak signal.

– nook cafe up on Hyde Street. Not as far away as Peets on Russian, but you have to pay for wireless or jump on a neighbor’s. Amazing food and coffee.

– I vaguelly remember something called “Chameleon” another cafe. I’ll check it out

– the cable car cafe on Mason near the Cable Car museum. Usually an option but that is a hike.

p.s. I’m giving Golden Gate Perk a break. Also, the pastries there aren’t too hot.