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in the news…

Yes, turns out the same hackers that got into Paris’ sidekick also compromised 300,000 consumers data on choicepoint/lexis nexis. BBC article here. Lame as it comes through P. Hilton, at least it unveils how corporations are willy nilly with personal information. The method that the hackers used, and somewhat in that BBC article but elsewhere when it occured, I heard that they used common usernames and passwords and just saw how many accounts used those “defaults”. Bad news in consumer land.

blue bottle coffee company
Sometimes I don’t run across things in the city. Sometimes other people do, and they mention it to me. Sometimes it takes about 4X mentioning it to me for it to stick! One of my friends maintains a “blog” which he defines as, long email conversations that he uploads to a site hosted at his work, at the rate of about once per year. That “blog” has no links to any other links, and he emails out the address when a conversation is getting close to the topic that he “posted” about. Anywho, he has been mentioning this place frequently, and I ran across their blog (yes, a coffee kiosk has a blog). Now I have to get my fat a** over there. The coffee looks great. I love up close and personal food shots (see: chocolate & zucchini blog to the right). Check it out: blue bottle coffe co.. Not sure where non-blogger friend visited, but this BBCC seems to be in the old central freeway area, now Octavia.

Seat Belt Purses
Spent beaucoup bucks at Therapy last night. Note, do not go shopping after having some beers, all of your wallet inhibitions will go down! Finally got to buy the “seat-belt” purse. A purse maid of Buick seat belts! Thanks to therapy for my retail therapy session.

Note on blogging: It seems decadent and weird to post about every single place I go, so I don’t. So like last night I went to may be 4 different venues but all I mention is the retail one.