working in SF, and Berkeley

I have travelled so much for work, that working here is unique to me. A couple of reasons why it’s weird to work near where you live, from a chronic business traveller:
1. I describe evening activities and people know what I’m talking about
2. I can bring food from home, but I don’t, as an act of protest vs. just not having a kitchen in my hotel room.
3. I can do random fun things after work with friends, at the drop of a hat.
4. I can squeeze in errands before and after work
5. I meet people I know at work, who just happen to work here

OK, not very interesting but very novel to me.

Wheeler Hall in Berkeley

went to go see Dr. Atomic composer, librettist, and random Physics award winning guy talk about the moral issues of soul and science or somesuch nonsense. It was really inspiring and great. But local color notes: tons of grey-haireds. I counted, in my peripheral vision, how many dark haireds to grey haireds and the grey haireds won by about three to one. Lots of foot stomping and loud clapping when anyone made an anti-Bush remark. Woman in front of us in line for the seats kept introducing herself to people as “I work at the Physics Nuclear Engineering Dept.” instead of a name, etc. Nice flowing expensive garmets and silk fabrics with lots of interesting earings, with Fleece and Merrill shoes thrown in for good comfortable measure. We lost out on getting the (free) tickets, but managed to scalp some in front of the auditorium. That was kind of fun in a meet-your-neighbor way!

Cafe Milano, Cafe Strada
UC Berkeley campus brings back tons of memories for me since it was a key to rebellious youth (shopping at the shops was about as scandalous as it got). The coffee in almost any given place is amazing. I had to stop in Cafe Milano to relive some happy memories. Just sitting around being near college people and being in public. I think that was the zenith of my high school years.

I managed to go to Cafe Strada to get a mocha at the end of the lecture. This is what our college youth is like: Nothing like I Am Charlotte Simmons thank god. Where were the orgies??? I’m asking you Tom, where were they? Just lots of studious collegiate girls with bowed heads in hoodies.