neighborhood notes
Kind of addicted to this site: Tracks what music you’re listening to, gives you “neighbors” and lets you stalk, I mean, check up on what your friends are listening to as well. I’m “banane71” if you want to befriend me. I only have 1 friend. And it’s some intergalactic person. Anyway…

Overheard on Van Ness Thursday: B-boy, with sunglasses, backwards baseball hat, droopy pants. Low rider Impala pulls up to corner, yells at guy, “Hey man, where’ve you been?” B-boy: “In San Raf-Aye-Yell, dude, SOBER!” haha. It’s San Rafael, like, San raFELL. I love the exuberant “sober” thing too.

Earthquake Weather
The neighborhood liquor store guys from Northern Africa did not agree with me that it was Earthquake Weather (aka, muggy).

The Holy Grail Burrito
I’m on a quest for a good burrito. What I mean by good is: shredded stewed chicken with dark mole sauce. Fresh avocado. black beans. I was driving around the Mission at 1am yesterday and my favorite place, La Corneta on Mission at 24th, was closed. So, managed to get one yesterday at San Jose Taqueria near my house. 2$ more than what you pay in the mission, but that can be expected. The innards of the burrito were suspiciously combined before I got into the store. That’s just something I could tell. The quest continues.