Union Square, early afternoon

House of Pain
Can you write an entire book about a life going to dentists? Because that would be the book of my life. I have gone through 5 dentists. I spent 3 hours in the chair today, 3 hours lost out of my life! I have profound respect for the technical developments of oral surgery, that’s for sure. The house of pain is an artfully decorated office. I think it’s a frustrated new wife who did the decoration. Envision oil landscapes, tucked away fluorescent lights, cermanic tile floor (I’m really stumped by what effect that was supposed to be).

So my dentist is right above Tiffany’s. Hmmm. Tiffany’s. OK, we’re supposed to hate the De Beers, and yes, their ads are insulting to women (every single one has the same message: all his fooling around, abuse, chauvinism and lack of respect is OK because he’s paying me with jeewelry (dug out of caves on the backs of apartheid victims)) Interesting article on DeBeers and creating the diamond as the symbol for perfect love here.

In 1947, De Beers’ ad agency came up with the massively successful slogan “A diamond is forever,” which implied that diamonds don’t crack, break, or lose value. (They do.) The slogan became so entrenched that the only proper way to “dispose” of diamonds was to hand them down to a female descendant.

I’m actually partial to sapphires. But onto more important issues:

Gusty SF
The wind in downtown SF is intense. My mom wouldn’t talk to me on the phone because of gusts getting transmitted through the cell phone to her.

Cafe Dolci
A friend of mine and I used to go to this literal hole in the wall about every day. Glad to know it’s still in existence, and yet it doesn’t have little dolci to eat, just coffee and biscotti (I don’t consider biscotti dolci). The guy was super chatty and everyone who stood outside the door (because occupancy is 1, yes, 1 person besides 1 person behind counter). We all agreed that it was freezing outside, and yes, we should all drop and do 20.