blue angels, cafe abir on Divisadero, Peets on Polk

The local haunts of a city dweller, who has a wicked cold.

Blue Angels Practice Flights

Despite this awful cold, managed to hike up the three floors to my roof where I saw, and heard, the Blue Angels practicing. They flew out from Golden Gate Bridge, towards Mt. Tam, to Alcatraz, out to San Pablo Bay area, around Russian Hill (lower than many apartment buildings there). The glare from the surrounding roofs was hard to master, and it was hard to find them since you hear them after they whiz by. At one moment, over Angel Island, a flock of birds were flying around and you couldn’t tell what was a jet airplane and what was a bird. Neat.

Cafe Abir
I love this cafe on Divisadero and try to go there whenever I can. They have beer AND coffee, a hallmark of an all purpose hangout. The crowd is cool too. People on the Divis corridor are just kinda funky in an undescribeable way. Ok, I’ll take the bait. Kind of thrift store funky from lower haight meets western addition middle class Black neighborhood, meets Panhandle park people (have dogs). I was kinda groggy and out of it (cold coming on) but got served a really fast and good latte with a scone. The girls working behind the bar impressed me with their efficiency, early morning cheer and fashion sense that would have NY on its knees. My writing group used to meet here and have to fight for a good round table. Lots of students sit around, and that morning was no exception.

Peets on Polk
I kinda prefer the Pacific Heights location. The owner of one of my favorite restaurants, Metropol, was sitting outside with some buddies. I think that’s always a good recommendation for a place, the magic “people like you” and “people you admire” combination. Read the entire Chronicle (minus sports) and it was all laced with an odd patchouli smell. Otherwise wouldn’t remark on it but my mom HATES patchouli. Fascinating, huh. OK, other notes: the hike from Mason to Union up and over Russian Hill was a little bit more than my addled immune system could handle. I’m not moving from this couch now for the rest of the day. The other comment on Peets is that on the way there you get amazingly beautiful views of the sparkly blue ocean, the islands dappling it in happy little brown hills, and Alcatraz in its jail like beauty, ah, “The Rock”.

Question: why are there two tall hut-looking things on the Hyde Street pier (or the aquatic pier?). I saw these from the Union Street hike.