boring blog

I fear once in a while that my local color blog is just intensely boring. I admit it, it is. It’s mostly to capture insights about local stuff.

Fior D’Italia
It’s Hotel San Remo, not the other name I put in the other blog entry. They’re weatherproofing and painting. I think that’s pretty smart. The people who work there are little chimneys, smoking all the time.

Free SF Tourist Maps
Never, never buy a SF map because they’re for free in lots of places in Fisherman’s Wharf. You heard it here first!

Boudin/Peets Pastry Shelf
New sample: almond croissant. Not bad! Flakey and tasty. Not too sweet.

The Pop-up Card, Cafe Sapore
There’s a cute cafe near my house called Cafe Sapore. It’s one of those types that have a colored chalk menu above the counter and serve coffee in large glass cups. I was trying to tell the guy who works there about how the city looked today. He just resented the fact that he was stuck behind the counter the entire day.

I walked out to Aquatic Park after it rained. I thought the Golden Gate Bridge had a chalky bright orange look to it like one of those 50s films that has saturated Technicolor. As I did a 180 and checked out the city, though, I was totally amazed. The rain had done something. It’s like it washed every building, but also introduced a new kind of polarizing light. Maybe it was a haze or lack of a usual haze, I don’t know. The buildings were standing in an odd perspective, like a pop-up card. Bright colors, no haze, with a flattened kind of feeling at some distances and then a leap of distance between the buildings. I can’t really describe it. So the light house is foreground left, and then jump over hte blue little Aquatic bay to the tall ship, then jump a half mile to TransAmerica and Coit Tower… I’m not even sure a photograph could capture it.