Fishy Wharf, and Peets redux

Homeless guy in front of a shop with very loud marenge music blasting onto the sidewalk. He rattles his paper Starbucks cup, full of coins, to the beat.

Along the block of Taylor, where there are tacky little shops selling t-shirts “I bet you wish your girlfriend was as hot as me,” and “Hard as the Rock [photo of Alcatraz]” There is a protest sign: “Save the Waterfront, Say No to Mills Mall.” Dare I ask, what waterfront? This waterfront? This strip mall? Say no to … another strip mall?

Looking up at the second story along the strip mall. N. Alioto’s, Castalgna’s, insurance offices, art galleries. The theme of Fisherman’s Wharf art can be sorted into a few buckets: kids with big eyes, bronze statues of skinny kids, nautical theme, and quaint SF alleys and buildings.

Who buys the charcoal portraits of Ben Affleck and J Lo?

Two Fisherman’s Wharf workers walking on the sidewalk testing jelly beans. “This tastes like peanut butter!”

Alcohol delivery truck drops a case, and bottles of top shelf fall on the ground. Two guys walk by. “It had to be Johnny Walker,” one of the guys says.

Germans waiting at the coffee stall for their coffee, standing in front of the register. “next!” the girls says behind the register and glowers at them. The Germans stay rooted. I give her my order over the German’s shoulder.

Three Swedish girls talking to each other, walking down the sidewalk. One darts away and jay walks across Beach. “Trevligt!” I think they said, which is brilliant/great. where are they going? What are they doing? Why are they so healthy looking? Why did my ancestors come to America so we could all get sick and not look as good??? They were wearing: little down vests, jeans, not so blonde hair.

Peets on Beach
I did some assertiveness training in action today. I ordered a large non-fat au lait, my favorite drink, and forgot that last time, they made it with way, way too much milk. OK in general but not if you’re lactose intolerant. So this time, after getting the drink, sipping it and realizing same mistake made again, I went back and had her pour off about half the cup and fill it with coffee. “It’s really strong coffee!” She exclaimed. I guess the tourists don’t like Peets. It is a kind of tough brew for people who aren’t in the know coffee-wise. Now, I have an incredible drink, and, I am in the process of training the new Peets people to my favorite drink! hurrah! I apologized to them for not ordering correctly. I mean, what is worse, picky weird customer with indivual wants. Least you can do is warn them of your specific order.