Links, Prince Charles, Reminiscing, Overheard

So, here are some cool local links:
SF MetBlogs– I’ve been reading this for a few days. I went to a party with these folks a while ago but don’t remember any of their faces and names, which makes going to networking events such a good use of your time, you know?
Sacramento Insider now Sac Bee made me register, which is super annoying. The good news is that for the RSS feed you don’t have to register! This is a good site on little tidbits of new legislation going through.
Golden Gate National Rec Area (ggnra) yay! Love those parks!
511 transit info, all the time. I love the traffic map, color coded.very cool.
SF City Search I predominantly use this, but I also like SF Station, that harken from the dot-com days, and of course, Craig’s List is an indispensable resource.
San Francisco Public Library, with your library card number in hand (the SKU on the back of the card) you are ever powerful, reserve DVDs, reserve books, prowl around the collection, it’s all there…

OK thus ends my promotion of favorite SF-interest sites. Please add your favorite too.

Prince Chuck
At this very moment Prince Charles and his consort are a few blocks away, at Beach Blanket Babylon. Even though I woke up at 4am to watch his wedding when I was a wee lass, I’m not such a sucker for royalty gawking that I’m going to walk over there and wait by the door. Well, show ends around 10pm I think… I have an hour and a half to revise my opinion.He ate at Manka’s, and I ate at Manka’s, so I guess I ate where the Prince ate, right?

Friend over at his blog reminisced about his past geekdom during a vanity search, and I have to say that I’m actually a bar in Roseville, Salinas, and other random towns in the Central Valley/San Joaquin Valley/Tri-County, heck, all over. Hmmm. In the spirit of reminiscing, here is a snapshot of yours truly in high school: in the beige phase, all beige all the time, and right before that it was layered men’s shirts, modified (split up the back, shorted in the front, or at a diagonal), oh the fun you can have with sewing machines! Long tail, and super short haircut like Thomas Dolby. Long Live the 8os. Geekdom? Well I was the Secretary of the Monta Vista Macintosh Users Group, and I had a, yes, beige computer. I didn’t know at the time it was a pre-classic Apple Mac, but I did know howt o put my phone on a modem and call my friend who lived on Montabello Ridge, where we could type to each other in modem language, a really, really early precursor to ‘chat.’

Sitting in a cafe for 3 hours writing, which was pretty agonizing, I overheard some guys at the table next to me. One is in an arm brace, and all three are kind of young white guys and they look like they work out a lot.
– “Dude, the colleges were ranked by how many ugly girls there were!”
– Lots of discussion about a motorcyclist who spun out at Taylor and Greenwich, and how one person saw them, a lot of debate on how the spin went, and damage to his body, and one person vociferously argued that he would have been better off without the leather outfit.
– Discussion regarding homeless poeple in the neighborhood, specifically “the blond fro” and what happened to him.
“Think he died?”
“Bet he’s in a mental institution.”
(laughter followed)
– A long monologue by one guy about how he’s from here, he was born here, other people weren’t, and therefore they have no right to do x,y,z.

Despite these ruffians, it’s a great cafe. Good vegan tamale pie.