Overheard, Pac Heights

Pacific Heights
Alltime favorite Pac Heights story. Walking around with my brother in law (who lives in the bay area) he is asking me constantly, what neighborhood is this? me: “pac heights.” him: “No it’s not. It’s something else.” me: “Oh maybe, there are all these little nook neighborhoods I don’t know.” One week later, he is on the phone: “Anna, it’s PACIFIC Heights, not Pac Heights.” haha

The parking around Fillmore neighborhood, at around noon, was atrocious. I mean, come on. Where are all these people going, or parking, or whatever? A strike was going on at the hospital there on Webster near California. It had a festive feeling because I think it was break time and lunch time. Someone drove by in this loud boom-boom car, and then, as if people didn’t notice him, he honks a zillion times. Funny.

At Peets on Fillmore: “I got one of those Ipod things, loaded it up” (grunts of approval from the other old guys at his table.
Joking with each other, same guys: “You can tell he went to college!”

In the UCSF Dental school (long story why I was there). Two guys sitting next to each other, wearing protective head gear, making tooth crowns. “I tell you, cows are smarter than that. They are really smart.”