Poetry Re-Con

In preparation for the Great Beat Creep, my birhtday celebration centerd around North Beach and Poetry, I have to frequent certain establishments that are going to be the inspiration for budding poets.

Jazz at Pearl’s
Super score, I mean, that place totally rocks. We showed up 10 mins before closing, but they did an encore. Excellent!

It was Veteran’s day, and we had a super score seat right on the sidewalk, 2nd story, so we got to make fun of almost everyone walking by from the protected confines of the window glass, ah… some cruise ship captains, I mean, Naval Officers, were there getting free drinks from almost every patron there.

Ristorante Gondola
They were out of papardelle! I tried the pork rounds and those were fabulous. Really good wine as well. And their cannoli rocks. Long dare with busboy about whether it was truly on the secret menu or not.

Got in an argument with a red-stater, who was trying to convince me and my friend that we would not be prepared in the situation of an earthquake (myself having survived two huge ones, no matter) and that Americans built the French medical system. Hmmm….