SF at Night

Above photo credit to Carroll Elizabeth

San Francisco at Night
Because of sickness and a bad adaptibility to jet lag, I’ve seen a lot of SF in pre-dawn and nighttime. I still love it to bits.

First an explanation! The above photo is one of those vacation picks that just cracks me up, next to the headless buddhas at the Summer Palace. I just got my travel-friend’s photos and was laughing so hard this morning. The above photo are, not kidding, two kids riding around on those minibikes totally unchaperoned. The parents were like 2 blocks away eating noodles and chatting with each other, out of sight. So we’re on this old medeival wall, and look down at the new hutong projects, and see these two 1 1/2 year olds on motorcycles. God, it was so amazing. And then travel-friend made the comparison to Chinese drivers and I just lost it. Sigh. hahaha.

So sitting in Peets at the Ferry Buiding whittling away the early morning hours. Lots of people sit there and stare at the ferries emptying out more people. Note: early morning commuters do not stop at Peets, late morning commuters do. I wonder why.

There really isn’t a lot of daylight nowadays, and I’m missing most of it by sleeping off hours. I go outside and I’m always surprised: it’s raining! It rained last night! It is sunny! It’s not sunny, it’s cloudy! Oh the everchanging weather patterns. Last night was friggin’ cold, and I mean that by saying cold for SF, not cold in general. A sweater and a jacket! Unheard of.