New Year’s Wind-Up and Cocooning

New Year’s Wind-Up

To treat it as amateur night, or to frolick with the bridge and tunnelers, this is the question. I have never really participated in the much vaulted large black and white party. The most I’ve ever really made a big deal about new year’s was going to a famous guy’s house in Pacific Heights one year dressed formally (for me). It turned out to be a super small part of his girlfriend’s friends, the “seven people sitting around staring at each other” kind of thing. The most crazy night was two years ago where I managed to go to like 4 parties, stayed up into the morning and watched Eddie Izzard in french with friends over and over again. I completely forget to this moment what I did last year, but a friend mentioned that we went to dinner then “bailed” on a party across town. Bailed, to go to sleep. What a partier! What a reveller! I remember one year, when I was thirteen, I was in New Mexico at a hotel in my own room, which was the height of luxury, and didn’t know it was New Year’s. I heard guns going off in the parking lot and thought we were in some urban violence situation. Calling my mom on the phone, she informed me it was New Year’s. I actually fondly remember that. Last night I thought about just skipping the night and moving forward into the day, which I have always preferred anyway. A new day! New resolutions! Newness!

I love my family, I love hanging out with them, but there’s something quiet and serene about returning to your house after a four day extravaganza party and not leaving it for 24 hours.

OK, I went to Trader Joe’s and experienced outside weather, then went back in with my food supplies and hibernated. Did laundry, catered to my obsession with West Wing. I wonder, am I getting argumentative and acquiring an ADD form of talking because of watching West Wing so much? Do I talk and walk everywhere? Am I in full professional business apparel for a fourteen hour workday with no signs of spillage or sweat? Yes, I’m becoming a more critical TV viewer.