Two Hills, NYE, 2006

credit to john curley

Two Hills

In the super festive pre-NYE revelry, I was hanging out in several establishments on Van Ness and Polk corridor, near Sutter street. Hemlock, Cav, Route 101… and decided, despite the rain and the fact that my umbrella was broken beyond repair, to walk home. So the walk from that neighborhood is fun, especially at 2:30AM. The roads are totally empty except for a renegade taxi speeding, and the streets were shining in the slick rain. It’s like a noir! But you’re in it! I’ve also figured out a “squiggle”- a way to walk over the two hills, Russian and Nob, without doing too intense a hill climb. Walked up Larkin, over to Leavenworth, then caught Pacific to Mason. Pacific is the least steep straddle between the two hills. Anyone who thinks different, please post a comment, as the search is ongoing. I bought a topographical map of SF but it doesn’t show the level of detail I need for walking.


I volunteered as a designated driver of sorts since I was hosting a big dim sum thing the next day and was still slightly hungover from the above Van Ness fun the night before. Another night at Cav, a nice wine bar and small plates place on Market street next to Zuni Cafe. I know the owner through a friend, and the atmosphere is great, and the people who work there, even before they knew I knew the owner, were very nice and friendly. Very well-informed staff on wine. Unfortunately won’t be going to Cav a lot in the future as I’ve blown the 20-dollar glass of wine budget (that I didn’t have). So I drove my friends around different neighborhoods trying to find just the right place to usher in the New Year. Lower Haight was dead beyond recognition. We drove to Fillmore and saw some posh red ropes in front of our only real option, Harry’s Bar. Then over to Divisadero and Western Addition where Fly awaited. I dropped them off and went home to an early night. Probably the best un-festive NYE I’ve ever had.

One year I decided to “watch more basketball.” I’m super into self-improvement, but not so into yearly resolutions. My sister decided one year to “go to the beach 6 times.” I think I’ll try the following. Actually got a month’s start on them already:
– do breathing exercises
– go to the gym 2X a week
– write at night (not just during day)
– watch more basketball

haha. Write yours if you feel inclined!