Looking towards summer

china cove, summer of 2005

So looking through photos I took last summer, I realized I really want it to be summer again! Also planning trip to Sweden and thinking of the best time of the year to visit. Today it’s alarmingly bright out, that I forget that it’s been raining constantly for a week. Walked up to the village and back, doing errands, and everyone was wearing t-shirts and little jackets. Some tourists were wearing scarves and big coats. Super bright outside, and people were filling the sunny side of the street. Restaurants could finally put their chairs and tables out. I haven’t tried the new Italian restaurant “Pellogrino” but the menu looks great. Got an excellent schwerma from Columbus Cafe, corner of Columbus and Lombard (not the bar on Green St.). I mean, really great. Artfully presented, nicely cubed chicken, levash bread, great spread, spicey sauce, fresh veggies, comes with a little salad and that tart yoghurt.

So summer! Fun times! Hangin’ at the beach, sitting in the sun, random street fairs, beer in the afternoon on the sidewalk, oysters in the park, camping trips on the weekend, ferry trips… oh the joys.