Chinatown at Night and Treasure Hunt

Coit Tower from Lombard

Chinatown at Night & Treasure Hunt!
I walked back from the W to home last night. Around 12:30am, walking through Union Square, through the Stockton Tunnel… by the way, the best dim sum tiny store behind a bus stop is “Dim Sum Good Food” on Stockton. Still don’t know the cross street. This is an ongoing journey! I love it that it’s a straight shot from the Metreon and home of the Caesar Pleasar (tri-tip, caeasar salad!) to my house, via sling shot and 3rd street, which turns into Kearny, but I walk diagonally for a block and get on Stockton.

The treasure hunt is coming up! The treasure hunt is coming up! Time to brag: placed 10th the one year I played, in the dumy round. Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, by far very fun in a competitive, local, trivial way. The team is forming. So far we have: townie #1 (me), townie #2 (becca), new-townie #3 but trivia lord (K.M), townie #2’s protege who will be “bio check” person (“you need pizza, you need water, etc.).

Last time we played we thought we were flailing. We actually took an hour long pizza break, and yes, still got in 10th place. There are hundreds of people doing this hunt, I’m still gobsmacked that we placed so high.