Mission Cliffs

Credit to riverstone

The flats of potrero hill, or “bottom of the hill” I guess, has changed a lot. I was there to check out for the first time: Mission Cliffs. I guess I used to visit BAVC (the bay area video coalition), gordon’s, the brewery, and other hotspots from the dot com era. Now, it’s got the old live work lofts, and more new construction. Some really beautiful work areas have been built out. I was impressed. It smells a lot like bread down there. The Starbucks at Mariposa & Bryant was the best place to write for a long time, as my writing club decided. It used to be something else, can’t remember the old name. What makes it great? Big sofas, lots of space, big kitchen tables.

The climbing gym: totally fun, though perhaps, as my friend said “not the sport for you” since my feet are so f***ed up, and an feet are integral part of climbing. Still, super nice people abounded. It had the heavy metal rock soundtrack going, but I hear on women’s nights they play kind of fun jazzy stuff. I ran into a friend, my friend ran into three or so.

It’s a big warehouse with walls going at odd angles up to the ceiling, with little riveted holds all over the place, as one would expect at a climbing gym. My friend was very patient since it was my first time, and we did the freaky kids’ corner. Climb on! I actually didn’t panic and cry, glued to the top most ledge, as I did at age thirteen climbing with some Parks & Rec club, at Castle Rock. I do actually still love to boulder there. Check it out: Castle Rock state park in santa cruz (actually we approached from San Jose).