Biking In The Cold

Looking North from Chrissy Field, the estuary and bay in background

Biking In the Cold
So it’s freezing here the past two days. I decided to do the bike loop from the Ferry Building up and around the Warming Hut, basically directly under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a nice low-traffic way, especially in the afternoon on a Thursday. The problem? That is probably the coldest thing you could probably do in the bay area, besides wearing a bikini on the trip out to the Farallons, standing on the prow like in Titanic. So the fog is racing into the Bay, I’m squaring it dead-on, biking into the “breeze”, with no gloves or mittens. Other bikers intelligently going the opposite direction, with the “breeze” give me curious looks like you stupid, crazy m-f-er. One or two bikers passed me going my direction with full body armor, aerodynamic warmth, curled up over their handlebars. Not me, no. I have the clunker, the hoodie, and a helmet, at least I wore my sweatpants. It was freezing, and beautiful and empty, and also cold. If I had started out an hour or so earlier before sunset, I wouldn’t have faced the inrush of fog, and I knew that!