Channelling Christopher Cross

Channelling Christopher Cross
Sailing takes me away
from where I’m going

all caught up in a reverie
all I … is a symphony
…. (forget the words)

Went sailing from Oyster Pt. to The Ramp thanks to Cap’t Engine Cleaner. My pirate name is Capt’ Hot Box. We got on a giggle attack about how to get cap’t Engine Cleaner into a flirty conversation with the cute harbor guy. I’m sure there’s a nautical term for that. For everything. A lexicon rivalling the medical profession, maritime speak is. Yoda talk me.

We had a great time, getting out of the dock, in a very orchestrated move, motoring almost the whole way up, over 3 hours, but then we got some wind just around the Candlestick peninsula.

Wine, little sandwiches, homemade brownies… I didn’t know sailing was such a gastronomical adventure as well! Pirate Sandanista was the “cabin boy.” Sailing photos will doubtless be my new stock photography here in this blog. It’s hard to get good shots- the sun is pretty bare. And the horizon looks dinky, though when you’re looking at it from the boat it looms large.

I last sailed 15 years ago and was a bundle of nerves then. This time I actually manned the rudder for a while, and didn’t freak out until some wind and waves came and I was just clueless. I really got into cleaning up the boat after. I want to go back on the water! I want to go to Angel Island but I may have to work up to it.