Astrology, Meyer-Briggs, and Blog update

Driving home at night across the bay bridge


It’s weird how eeriely right it can be. I mean, I put in way too many hours at work today and I log on and see my astrology post for tomorrow, and it’s like, you’ve put in far too many hours at work…

Your usually abundant energy may receive a sudden setback today, anna. Pressure from work could well be creating stress that leaves you feeling exhausted and out of sorts. This will pass. Basically you should be especially strong and healthy, so you should be able to overcome it quickly. It’s going to drive you crazy, however – not feeling up to being as active as you usually are. Relax and spend a day resting. It won’t hurt you in the long run!

Meyer-Briggs Personality
Johari (the good), or Nohari (the bad). Those two sites led me into yet, even more navel (or naval? haha) gazing than usual and I also did a 35-questionaire on my Meyer-Briggs. I’m an ENFJ, and I firmly, firmly don’t like it and am determined to be far more selfish. Giver, my ass! Blech. Do yours and post it!

Blog Update
I added BunnyHero and my Mom (bird’s nest) to the right side bar. Mom is going from 5mph to 100mph in the world of blogs. I coached her on how to do a link and an image, and she ended up lecturing me on what “trackbacks” were. She’s angry at Bush, no wonder, and going to get out some of her vitriolic anger in the blogosphere. I hope I get some of her audience. They can cool their jets and read about random happenings in the City. Also, “apple pie proud” over on the side bar is now “Sandra Day o’Clobber”- if you’re in livejournal, you just get to change your blog name whenever it damn pleases you, which is kind of cute, but annoying in the traditional world of blogs.

The Garage
A random shout-out to The Garage in San Jose (on San Carlos, at 11th, I believe, I can’t find a listing of it anywhere) – I found it when I was reading Joanne‘s cabbie blog on SF MetBlogs, and someone named Chester (can’t find him anymore either- cyclist, in San Jose) was linking from her, and from him I read about the opening. My sibling down in the Joser absolutely loves it, and she’s a foodie. I guess it is a kind of gourmet oddity in the south bay, land of amazing, cheap ethnic food and steakhouses.

2 blogposts in 1 day, does that mean I take a break for a while?