Zombie Flash Mob & Life is Cruel

From This guy’s Flickr account
life is cruel
It’s a beautiful, beautiful day out and I’m trapped inside doing work!!! I went out to get an amazing scherma, from 901 Columbus Cafe (I love it when nothing in the title informs you that amazing middle-eastern food is near). So go there, get the slightly overpriced, but scrumptious, schwerma. Anyways, in walking the one block over there, I did my citizen’s duty by getting a car to get out of the cable car tracks. Loungers were chatting with a woman on the sidewalk and didn’t notice the cute little tinkly bell of a very irate cable-car conductor. Drama in North Beach.

Zombie Flash Mob Tonight 10pm
Got the tip from metroblogs, and yes, it’s tonight. I may head over there to observe, but not partake, as I can’t find my fake blood.