Being an Amuhrikan

being an American

Recently I was thinking about how patriotic I am.

– I drink a lot of coffee. For those who remember the Boston tea party(or reading it, vs. living it) the unfair taxes on tea, etc., and how Amuhrikans started drinking coffee instead, they will know that this is a truly patriotic move. “Other ports followed suit – and every patriotic American gave up tea drinking and turned to coffee.” Ta-da.

– I drink a lot of hot cocoa. This is a America (as in Americas) symbol, as the Mayans invented it.

– I’m really into jeans, and that’s totally Amurikahn, and, specifically Californian!

– My g-grandpa was deported from Sweden, thus I am many of the hordes finding solace in the warm, welcoming arms of Lady Liberty. He was actually in Minnesota, then went back to his deceased wife’s farm and tried to get it through some inheritance laws, and because of lack of funds was sent back to the U.S.. Ah, the U.S., welcoming the poor!

– Another g-grandpa fought in the civil war, and then tried for years to get a pension. But he spoke only German, so it was kinda tough. Go America! Helping out those that fought for ya!

– I can say I hate Bush, that it sucks that we didn’t give soldiers a pension, and yet not be thrown into shackles, as one will in China. Go America!

– I can search for the Fu-Lon Gong on Google, Go America!

– I like mac & cheese, that seems American.

– In other countries, I wear the Canadian flag! (wait, that’s for another list.)

biking in the rain
It’s been raining a lot, off and on. Stil, I, through rain, sleet and snow, biked to the gym yesterday. It’s just far easier than driving and dealing with parking. So, donned my microfleece and goretex and managed to have a really short, and pleasant bike ride down Powell, to Bay, to Embarcadero. Embarcadero had a few serious puddles that caused me to go out into traffic, but in general it was far warmer than usual. The ride back was interrupted by a great cake break at Peet’s, Ferry Building. The public seating there was packed with others waiting out the rain. The ferry comes in, disgorges hordes from Larkspur, Tiburon, and Oakland, and they file up nicely at Peets, then go off for their City adventures. Then there’s always a few late shoppers madly dashing for the ferry right before it takes off.