Mermaid Lane, a study in cuteness

Mermaid Lane

Mermaid Lane, Pacific Grove
It’s this long block near Lover’s Point, in Pacific Grove, which is an old Methodist revival camp down in the Monterey Bay Area. I love this block. It’s got that kind of hippie, seaside community feeling. I really, really want the town to have Hippie Day, which would be a kind of love fest. I’m working with the influential people (my mom) on this idea, and I’ve been working on it for a month. I envision karma police, old people in caftans, lots of drugs, perhaps free love and no war, stuff like that. Something everyone can get into. Macrame, sit-ins, be-ins, hand-woven headbands, tee-pees, homemade bread, amber, patchouli, oh the mind races with ideas.

PG is a tad too cute for me, but Mermaid Lane is the definition of twee, and this is just twee and cuteness on steroids. San Francisco has nothing on quaint old Victorians- PG has taken the gold in that category, my friend. I need to lay off the coffee. My superlative comparisons are going out of control.

This is a photo of a fountain, bubbling away, and a porta-potty. Because, having a porta potty in your yard communicates a kind of look that says, “Hey, I can go whenever I want to, wherever I am” especially if your bathroom is about 10 feet away from the front door, because it may just be that kind of emergency.