toll downtown, trolling for actors

toll downtown!

From this article, I gleaned that my twice a week commute will involve a new toll. True, some times I feel like I could walk on car hoods the entire way to work. But for me, going against the flow, it will totally suck, unless it prevents lame SUV driving lawyer/finance types from driving from the marina to downtown because “someone always smells on the bus.” (yes, I have heard that from a variety of acquaintances).

Trolling for Actors
I was shameless, shameless last night asking for free volunteers to work on the exciting! fun! interesting! internet movie project. I strangely know a lot of China-enthusiasts, so those were a slam-dunk. I’m tickled because I found a good Asian lead guy (yet he may not want to act) and a producer!!! (yet she wants to take me to Sundance and I’m not sure we could make the deadline, or have a movie in that format)