Bocce, NoisePop, Locations

Bocce Ball Courts
Not sure if anyone remembers the earlier post regarding how they are not using oyster shells in the bocce ball courts, but I do, and so for this travesty I inspected the courts. They look interesting. I’m glad it’s opening up this corner of the DiMaggio park and library.

Managed to get into two shows with NoisePop, at the Swedish American Hall (my peeps!). Mystery of the hour: there are cabinets on the first and second floor, with letters stencilled in above them. I’m thinking coat check, but not 100% sure. I love that venue. Valhalla room! Freja room!

Oh yeah, the bands. Britt Daniel from Spoon, and then this guy earlier that night that was quite good, on guitar, and a guy who played a chair as percussion. Everyone was sitting there mute, very slight head nods, during the show.

Imovie update: I’m scouting locations and working feverishly on the screenplay. I’m thinking of having a dim sum party to do a reading. My producer and I are sending an excel spreadsheet back adn fourth with lots of worksheets in it: “resources” “timeline” fun stuff like that. I can’t stop asking people for favors, almost everyone I know, everywhere. And I want to cram in all of my favorite places. Today, I decided I wanted to get the Francisco stairs, a nice set of redwood steps up the East side of Telegraph Hill. Oh, and the alleyways on Telegraph Hill- chase scene?