Lovely Day, For Sale, Movie Update: The Bad Plus

Lovely Day
It is absolutely friggin gorgeous out today. Saw a small regatta out there in front of the Marina doing their thing. Not sure if it’s a race, or a class. Swimmers were taking advantage of the nice weather, at Aquatic Park. The tourists are just swarming around every possible corner too. Finally they can get out of museums and see some stereotypically California weather, I imagine.

For sale: what business?
Liquor store guy and I had a brainstorming session about what should go in next door to him- it’s vacant, and the previous tenant was a really unsuccessful artsy furniture store. I think a video store would be good. We can’t do food, because there’s no hood, and the apartmnet building upstairs won’t allow that kind of commercial license. One huge issue is that the rent is 5-f***ng-thousand-dollars a month! Insane. Cheap indian would be my personal favorite, but I’ll go with a video store. Problem is tourists won’t be interested in a video store. Another yoga store? That would make 2 in one block. Oh well, the mind wanders.

Movie Update
Did a read through last night with a very talented actor-man and my writing buddy. I need to do a lot of work on the script. My writer friend had read the original novel (uncompleted) as well as the screenplay, and she’s the first one to give me feedback ont he adaptation. She was so mad there wasn’t any French people! ah. All of those opportunities to make fun of the French. The big reason they didn’t make the cut is that I can’t afford to film in France! Art is compromised because of cost, it’s true.

Just shot an email out to The Bad Plus to do soundtrack. Brief digression: by “doing the soundtrack” this is what I mean. Last i-movie project, I got the Broun Fellinis to not sue me, and I took their music and re-mixed it (chopped it up, raised the sound levels, did loops, some distortion) along with the video and still footage. C’est tout!

I love them so much. I haven’t felt this degree of fan worshipdom since, I don’t know, Aaliyah perhaps, or maybe Sting. The Bad Plus is jazz, out of Minneapolis, and they just especially rock. “These are the Vistas” is my favorite album, well, the only one I’ve heard as of yet, and my favorite song is “Everywhere You Turn.” I missed their California tour. Should I meet up with them in Warsaw? Hm…. Please, rock and roll gods, be kind to me and let them say I can use their music!!!