Sunny Days So Long Ago. Los Gatos Trail. Not Writing

This photo reminds me that there are sunny days, or were, in January

Sunny Days, So Long Ago
The rain: all the radio stations talk about it, and everyone you talk to talks about it. Not so long ago, the days were sunny, and we had tons of droughts no less. Just putting things into perspective.

Los Gatos Creek Trail
I really wished I had bought a cell phone with a camera, or at least carried my camera with me more. Biking along the really nice trail along Los Gatos Creek, the creek had risen into a complete Gully Washer, and was overwhelming everything in its path: the bridges, the trees, bits of trail, even water control structures. Most impressive was the dam and slough, making a mini Niagara Falls. Where is camera???

Not Writing
Yes. I have not written a lick on my screenplay since Sunday and feeling the guilt. The blogs call with their sultry siren songs, but the screenplay remainds on my laptop crying a soft whimper. Tomorrow, while I’m babysitting, that’s right. Or I’ll have the kids act out the screenplay so far. Sure. It is spring break, or passover, or whatever, Easter weekend. I will find some holiday around the world to justify my slacking!