Amtrak, Earthquakes

This is the station right across from work. It’s one of those things I go by every day and never really look at or recognize. Sure, the first day maybe but after that, nada. A lot of these trains are very pro-American for some reason. I mean, isn’t that a bit of a overdose when Amtrak is owned by the govt., it’s only a domestic service, and most passengers are American? Gotta love it that we have to remind ourselves every day we are American in some kind of insecure way.

Working in this renovated warehouse in Emeryville next to the train station has inured me to earthquakes. We had a wind storm in March that was truly fantastically crazy in that warehouse, but the regular tremor of trains going by has killed any sensitivity towards the big E. Are you all sick of hearing about earthquakes? The other night my sister says, after I was waxing poetic about our crime rate here in the Tel-Hi hood, “Thank god you’re not talking about Earthquakes!” well, I was about to tell her how I’m on an earthquake preparedness committee, but hey, saved that for another day.