fabric and boobs

Think of that, on this:

Or, I may do a dark rose (dark pink) chenille.

That image is from this web site: indias & polynesia, which I got to by going here Pretty Pinks, Clever Cottons: 18th Century Fabrics. I’m really into period pieces. Not as much as my ex-roomie who ended up studying textile design. She started as a simple craft queen and erupted into a professional textile designer/artist extraordinaire. But I really like period pieces, costumes, etc. I have some antique silk, French, at home. I’m so in love with it I’m afraid of using it to upholster the green chair. Recently during a historical trivia moment, I caught myself thinking: I could figure out what year Lindbergh’s child was kidnapped if I could remember what his wife was wearing in the photograph. I’m not kidding.

Also, I’m wearing a button down shirt and people keep looking at my boobs.