Social Muse

credit to: phreddy

When you’re not working, are you still working? I mean, could the interaction with interesting people and great artists and thinkers be “work” in itself? I don’t pretend to have a bunch of fascinating things in my head erupting in a stead stream of brilliance: it’s collaborative, or a pastiche, or something. This weekend was the “social muse” weekend- a series of fun events led to the culmination of a feeling of full of energy and creativeness.

I’m taking on another contract which will make me more busy, but hopefully happy busy. Friends are concerned re: the screenplay, including the producer, but several things have been in the works:

1. Figuring out what camcorder to buy
2. Got a casting director. Involves one event, getting actors in, showing them the relevant parts, getting a space to do the screen tests, and a wrap-up meeting where we decide “who to call.” Sounds like a fun job? Not, it’s hard telling people no.
3. Insights into the screenplay, which will fuel some good writing sessions tonight and tomorrow night.
4. I may enter a screenwriting contest with Zoetrope to get funds and the attention of Gus Van Sant. I feel like I misspelled that.

Shot above is abalone- had dinner with some neighbors, one of which is a specialist. Nickname: Abby. Fun times, as the whole weekend was, and lots of interesting conversations.