Useful Things my Dot Com(s) Gave Me

– sticky silver labels: Reflect. I got a roll of these from a cosmetic company, Reflect, when it got the shaft from Procter & Gamble. I use these stickers on almost every gift I give. They’re bright and fun! These were the customized labels on the cosmetics, and caused the company a lot of grief printing them.

– little white porcelain bowls: Wheelhouse. During the last few days when the doors were closing, I swept through the kitchen and grabbed some nice small bowls. They are perfect for fruit and some yoghurt.

– wooden hangers: Wheelhouse. I guess I took a set of twelve. I would never buy hangers, because they’re free with dry cleaning, but behold, these are nice wooden ones.

– white t-shirts: Wheelhouse, Epiphany, Java One, MacWorld, ESPN. I get these t-shirts with random jobs and conferences, and my brother-in-law loves them, especially the white button down Epiphany one. I have kept all the ESPN ones hoping they will attract cute guys at the gym. My dad loves the computer graphics ones from MacWorld circa 1997- they are extra, extra large. his favorite is a After Effects demonstration on a photo of a Frankenstein-like woman with flowing hair (??). It was right when Illustrator and Director were big. I regret, to this day, giving brother-in-law the black t-shirt from a hard disk manufacturer that has since died. Digitex, or Digitech, something anonymous and silicon-alley sounding, I think. I love that one.