Games I Haven’t Played

Lego Star Wars. OK, why would you take little toys of limited movement and use them as the inspiration for a digital game where you have basically no limitations like gravity, oh, real mass, or any of those pesky physical laws.

Drugs I haven’t done… games I haven’t played… diseases I haven’t gotten (are those all related?) Opportunities that fly by, sometimes thankfully so.

Other random links as of today: this, which is an: eruv (thanks kim). A fence, around Berkeley, where you can walk during Shabat. Useful to know. Luckily my friends and family live inside the fence. Also, circa King Solomon days, the definition of an eruv (via wikipedia)

The eruv consists of a food item – generally bread – that is shared by all dwellers. By means of this shared meal, all the dwellers are considered as if they were living in a common dwelling, thus exempting them from the added prohibition.