(more from wife of Kiwi)

I started a small list post-trip a few weeks ago. this last trip was a real doozy in terms of kiwi slang. off the top of my head and of course you can confirm with gavino:

chooka (spelling?): full. “The place was chooka with soccer fans.”

chook: chicken

crook: sick, ill (I saw Mary at the market today and she was crook.)

the best would be using all of these in a sentence. such as: Although I was crook, I made my way through the market which was chooka to buy a chook for dinner. (hee hee- but to be fair- I never heard anyone use all these together!)

another of my favs: silly cow: crazy women. (I hear this one a lot! e.g. “Don’t be a silly cow!”)

pakeha (sp?): white person.

I’ll keep thinking and get back to you…

grouse: “That’s grouse!” aka, awesome. Has an “80’s ring to it” he says. Like tripindicular?

squizz: “I’ll give Anna a squizz at this” a look-see

(as of 8/4/2006)

toss rag: I think this is a nasty reference to a cleanup after the action. You use it like: damn, she’s a toss rag. I could be wrong since the native speaker didn’t define it for me.

skinful: as in, “I’ve had a skinful” or I’ve drunk as much as can fill my body, unless this is in reference to filling a sheep’s bladder bag or canteen. I just have to bring up sheep.

bob’s your uncle TBD Long history- check comments for more info.

put a lining (put a lining on your stomach before drinking)

tied one on (got smashed)

balls-up (f-ed up, he had to tell me that no, it did not refer to sports balls.)

tosser (a-hole)

sheep-shagger (kind of evil, as they get called that)

Thanks to Gavin, my New Zealand co-worker, for these little gems during the day. Feel free to add or correct.