Top 6 Schwag in my Apt

Reading Valleyschwag‘s blog, (vote for Jonathan & Matt!) realized I could do a little schwag report. So if you are your schwag, I would be a very geekie jock. It’s a sick day, I’m high on sudaphedrine, so endless myopic navel-gazing is permitted, no?

    Ikea Bowls

  1. When my dot-com closed the doors, I raced through the kitchen one day and grabbed these small Ikea bowls. Super fucking useful, and not branded, which I appreciate. In the background: mug with the words “coffee” taken from Wheelhouse kitchen, and a Chinese mug with top and filter from brother-in-law’s Taiwanese vendors. Kitchen supplied by free stuff.
  2. ApacheCon pens

  3. I’m one of those “pen stealers” who ask for a pen and never give it back. So I got a few of these Apache Con ’05 pens from Cliff, who was one of the creators of Apacheness. Pens can backfire as marketing schwag: if they fail in meeting everyone makes cracks about the durability/scalability/etc of the product. These are durable, though, and have a pleasant transparent look. I would never go to this conference, yet I sport the schwag!
  4. Geeky T-Shirts

  5. Geeky t-shirts: WordCamp‘s WordPress t-shirt, was worth all the drama because the quality of the t-shirt is grade-A soft, and a nice off-black. The Linux t-shirt was poached from a co-worker. I do like Linux, have done some linux stuff, but honestly, far too geeky for me. Shirt gets points for cute penguin- translates well with the non-geek crowd. Negative points for being very, very large.
  6. Red Jacket

  7. This red, boiled wool jacket from a Toyota/Schwinn bikes co-marketing scheme. Executive friend of mine passed this on. Proves that besides the huge salaries, they get ridiculously nice quality schwag.
  8. Marketing Schwag

  9. Non-geeky shirts, aka, marketing shirts. At ESPN there was the usual free-for-all t-shirt plundering when they got a new batch of t-shirts and the old ones had to go. I adore one of my ESPN t-shirts because it is small. At ESPN every man is a giant, I guess, because the smallest size they have is XL. And of course no women read/watch ESPN, oh no.
    The Yelp t-shirt, while black, which is usually a good thing, has a strange scrawly image and is very hard to read where it says “Yelp.” Subtle to the point of being pointless, imho. didn’t learn that putting “dot-com” in the name is very over. Funny, company doesn’t exist anymore either. But points for being black, the most versatile t-shirt color.
  10. Paid Schwag

  11. Technically schwag is marketing items you get for free, but in this case I paid for the privilege of wearing the logo. Dorky! True. Spoon band t-shirt, Nanowrimo (to support the cause, that’s right). Brown nano shirt gets extra points for being a nice fit, and having a pleasing color scheme of blue and brown.


  1. Comment by psb

    Posted on August 16, 2006 at 6:43 pm

    >not branded
    “If we are not branded, are we not-schwag?”
    –The Merchant of Schwag by William Schwagspeare:

    >far too geeky for me.
    This is nothing.
    Geeky is the “No on 53” anti-ATM tshirt.
    end2end IP, baby.

    >Negative points for being very, very large.
    one of the greatest lines in the Age of the Internet is:
    “By and large, the women at Cons are bi- and large.” [along with “The odd are
    good, but the goods are odd.”].

    ok tnx.

  2. Comment by banane

    Posted on August 16, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    Yeah, unless the definition is just “free stuff” from companies- vs. “free marketing stuff from companies/” Forgot to include some very nice wooden hangers, also stolen from a dying dot-com.

  3. Comment by Matt

    Posted on August 16, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    Very glad to see the WordCamp shirt made the cut.

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  5. Comment by thinkspace

    Posted on August 7, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    How funny, I go out and google “cool marketing schwag” and where do I end up, at Banane of course. I should have known to just call you first…

  6. Comment by Peter Chee

    Posted on August 8, 2008 at 5:30 am

    How funny, I go out and google “cool marketing schwag” and where do I end up, at Banane of course. I should have known to just call you first…

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