Yet Another Tech Post: New Stuff

So you make this little avatar person, and you give them something to say- you can also upload sound files. I had great fun having this girl first say “f-k”, then “I am a dork”, then she did a really good attempt at “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in a kind of snotty, customer-service matter of fact tone. Then I realized I could make her a sexy punk goth, and then, now we have a “charles, UK” voice spewing out of this hot hong kong style Rastafarian. I’m having a lot of fun with this. I would hate to have web sites spew words at me, so I find it equally annoying as a pop-up ad, but in general it’s a great Flash console for creating Sims-like people.

Online Photo Stuff

Overheard two guys at Sports Basement (Chrissy Field one) today talking about their new camera, and uploading images through “you know, one of those services” like Shutterfly, Ofoto-Kodak, etc. I lingered around nearby, and after eavesdropping some more realized one of the guys didn’t have access to a computer to do the uploading. I think we forget, once in a while, that a PC or Mac in the house is not de rigeur.

Movie Haiku Progress

I spent a long time working on the admin version of my haiku site, updating it from the old Perl/Cgi version. I’m working on some email notifications to poets when their poems are published. Very engrossing hobby. I will get the plug-in/widget done, soon, I swear. Maybe this weekend. Cool WordPress plugin done by a woman in Sweden? Netherlands? I can’t tell. the Progress Bar. We used to have these on, but we did it by hand. Ouch!

Tiny Fitness Post
Got on my old, rusty, creaky bike today, the one that likes to pop out of gear right when I’m giving the gears some tork. I forgot, and now newly appreciate, the joys of biking along Marina Green and up and over Fort Mason.

I spent way to much money on sports equipment today.
– 1 big orange thermal swim hat
– 1 slightly cheap bike lock for bike nobody wants to steal
– 1 SOMA water bottle (“Made in SF!”)