iMurder 14: Hacking Flickr

Mac got the call from Beth and that detective to try and figure out Jelly’s Flickr login. He went into the office early and sat at Jelly’s computer. Since it was a Mac, and he knew her network password, he could get in and see all the key passwords. When he logged into Flickr, as her, he saw about 20 or so photos marked as Family’ permissions, but Jelly had listed nobody as Family. He printed them out, and copied them locally. Some network issue happened and he only copied half the photos, but he was able to print out all of them.

He didn’t recognize the location, but it was some bar, at least. Strange since Jelly didn’t usually go to Web 2.0 mixer style stuff. She was more comfortable in the bike messenger, or band crowd. He only noticed one or two familiar faces in the crowd: the gossip columnist guy, this tall ex-Goth guy, and poobar, who used to date a friend of his.

He grabbed the photos and messaged Beth to meet him for lunch. He had to talk to her. She was doing the “avoiding thing” that she did whenever they argued like this. It drove him nuts.


It was 11am and Elfin hadn’t slept last night, but the Jolt, Red Bull, and bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans helped keep him awake. He got the call to hack into Jelly’s Flickr account yesterday afternoon. He had been monitoring network passwords on the wi-fi at this Mission bar next to Jelly’s old work, hoping the cops would try to get into her computer, which they hadn’t moved- he’d check
ed that. Finally he saw some interesting stuff go over the wire. Yep, that looked like her login. And it was to the Flickr domain. The password wasn’t in cleartext, but he had some MD5 decrypters he could use to get the plain text password out. He set his laptop to start chugging, decrypting the password. He ordered another double espresso. He planned on deleting all of this girls’ photos when he got in. He was told they were incriminating.

Chapter 15: I’m Blogging This