Summer Days

Warming Hut
I’ve had a ridiculously wonderful last few weeks in the great summer weather. I’ve been swimming, kayaking, biking, and playing basketball late at night. I’m just loving this weather, and I have some newfound strength from training, as well.

Strangely enough, being physically fit, but not lungs-or-cardio fit (or something I haven’t figured out yet) playing basketball a few days ago, I got a weird asthma attack. I pushed it biking yesterday to see if I could recreate it, but I couldn’t. There must be something about the anxiety of playing with refs, and on a timer, and being hyper-aware, during a real game, that makes me more excited and amped up. I’ve never had asthma, so it was all very scary. What did happen yesterday, is a bee or wasp or some random thing flew into my eye, and when I tried to brush it away, the bugger stung me! I doused the eye with my water bottle, and got a lot out, but it was all really odd. I iced it for an hour and my eye was completely back to new. The human body is amazing. And bugs suck.

I love biking through the Presidio. It’s like a little bit of Los Gatos and Saratoga hills stuck in the center of a large city. Two tourists were lost and I showed them the way back to the Warming Hut, from the overlook on Lincoln. Later on, they were crawling up the North Point hill. We talked for a while and I showed them the route back through the Marina. I like biking along the houses that are left standing after Loma Prieta. Nothing deep, just reminds me of permanence, and yet how impermanent things are.

Got a massage yesterday (more fun things!) with a masseuse I’ve seen for years, and I have an insanely tight glute. She thinks it’s from working at the computer and always crossing one leg. So I’m sitting here trying not to cross that leg. It’s hard.

So I’m biking on my old uggy bike, and I learned something new about it. I can switch into the low gears (the ones for going up hills) when I actually have some resistance. If I try to do it with no tork, it slips off and derails. I hate this bike. Not only does it derail going up Black Point hill, but it weighs a ton. The good thing about it is that nobody likes it, therefore it’s a dependable piece of transportation.