Jock Post #2: My Nickname is Shaq

caption: Monica doing a free throw. I really admire her. One of my favorite players on the other team, I call her “dennis rodman”- she’s got very theatrical fouls, she is foreground left, and Anna, another great player (not me!) is facing in red.

I played last week, and I’m about to get on my shoes and go out and play again. Basketball is so much fun.

I never played on an official team until the ripe age of 31, but now that I think about it, I have always played. I started in grammar school, with the other bused-in kids. Then I practiced with my friend Neelam for Junior Varsity, then later on in some church teams (?)- Mormon and Catholic. College: I can safely say I never played those years. Got some “pasty white girls” to play with me at Dogship Park – Duboce Park- for a while.

So a few years ago I was filling out some online fitness survey and realized I’ve always wanted to take dance and play basketball semi-for-real, so I emailed craigslist poeple and got on a team: Brickhouse! We’ve never won a game.

I’ve been playing now with the Eureka Valley Women’s team, and alternately for two or so years was playing with the Co-ed “sports for fun” league. I really liked the last team I played with, but the earlier ones not so much, despite winning the Playoffs- the most ill-gotten gain I think ever in my life. Let’s just say some people had “anger issues.”

My goal this game is to 1) not have a wheezing attack by not warming up properly and 2) not get the same old foul that I always get- hitting someone’s forearms as they shoot. Let’s hope. also: Use my knees more in shooting. Yes, my nickname is Shaq by some of my friends because I really like the guy (his method of playing, not him personally), and I also mimic his “butting out the key” technique. He didn’t hallmark it, he’s just really good at it.