El Un-Dead, Elbogarting, and El St. John

SJ 1/2 marathon
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To blog, or to journalize
So a co-writer on a popular blog site, that I blog for lately, had an interesting run in today with real-world events. Or, should I say, I saw the distinction between what it is to be a blogger (or, blawgeur), and what journalism is, or should be. I’ve made mistakes, sure, but in this experiment of blogging, I’ve learned the importance of “I” in blawgs. If you claim authority, you better damn near be right. It’s always interesting in that I find I’m claiming authority that I didn’t know I was doing. OK that’s an odd thought but anyways: if you think someone is dead, and write about it in public, you may be in trouble. Poetic title: “HP Man Shoots Woman In Back of Head”.

Funny travel words *thanks Carroll*
Daily Candy’s travel lexicon. Planning trips to Baltimore, Seattle and Russia, where I will look forward to a lot of:
flight dependent
n. neighboring passenger who, flying solo, turns to you in search of company/a drinking partner/a date.
gabbin pressure
n. sense of obligation to chat to the passenger next to you during a flight. (“I’m just recovering from gabbin pressure – I sat next to a real flight dependent.”)
arm restle
n. the ongoing battle waged with your seatmate over the middle armrest. Maneuvers include elbogarting (slow advance of the elbow to gain ground) and recline and conquer (capturing the armrest during feigned or actual sleep).

El St. John: You are My Conning Master. Me: grasshopper.
Long thread, totally worth it, about the magnificent craziness of some of our outlandish SF Citizens. Many aliases, much court work drama, much heroism on the part of Steve Kirsch! My optical mouse guru! And mysterious researcher Michelle, you are wunderbar!


So I do a google search and find this thread, and then i check it out myself to verify we are talking about the same innocent looking 70 year old lady and we are. Eleanor lied to the police about her car (she said she was across the street and she wasn’t). And now I find out about her checkered past from this thread. So she’s not going to be a very credible witness for her daughter.

Eleanor Marie Lindquist has other aliases not mentioned above.

For example, she has the same SS# as:
Jeffrey Lindquist
Judith J Moore
El StJohn

And her AKAs include:
Eleanor M Lindquist
Eleanor M Davis
Eleanor C Calamari
Eleanor D Calamari
Eleanor M Calamari
Eleanor C Lindquist
Eleanor Calamare
Eleanor Calimari-Davis
Eleanore M Calamari-Davis
Eleanore Calamari