jock post: basketball


Second to last game, and I scored twice! I can’t f-ing believe it! I never score!!! I got 40% of our points! (yes another low-score game).

I talked to trainer (yes, I am the bastion of elite and do personal training sessions, which I excessively enjoy, as I’m a narcissist). And I talked to her at how I’m not so good at rebounds (and I was, a few seasons ago) and my making board shots is worse… she thought my super tight hamstrings may be the problem; I don’t get enough spring, as I’m holding the ball aloft, to re-shoot. So all week I worked on stretching my hamstrings, before and after walks, in the kitchen, watching TV, etc. Holding for 30 seconds, each leg. Before and after runs.

It’s sad that our season is almost over because the game has gotten so much more fun. We’re understanding how each member plays. We don’t have to look at someone and say “I’m passing it to you,” we can kind of understand each other’s fake passes. Sigh, so sad, the end of a season.

If you’re reading this and want to see Brickhouse in all our glory- last game in week after next, Wednesday, at Eureka Valley Rec Center (next to Cala on 18th, near Castro), time: TBD (will update here soon). Some former players are coming out- should be a good show!